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Fabián Bertero

-Violinist, composer, conductor and musical arranger. Since 1989, he has carried out intense activity in diverse genres of Argentina’s popular music, mainly tango, including:

-More than 20 tours through countries of Asia, Europe and Latin America.

-4 record productions of his own.

-More than 50 records in collaboration with other artists. Some of them: Raúl Garello, Roberto Goyeneche, José Colángelo María José Mentana and Sandra Luna, among others.

-Some of his compositions were recorded by other artists in Argentina, Italy and Finland.

-He conducted the “Orquesta Nacional de Cuba”, the “Orquesta sinfónica de Concepción” (Chile), the “Orquesta Filarmónica de Mendoza” and the “Orquesta Juan de Dios Filiberto”, among others.

-His compositions go from the romantic genre, folklore and tango to academic music and musical comedy.

-In 2005, he received a special mention as a musical arranger from the Fondo Nacional de las Artes, and in 2008, he wins a Clarín award “Revelación en Tango”.

-He has been a member of the “Academina Nacional del Tango” since 2007.

-Nowadays, he divides his artistic activity in the Bertero Big Band Tango (Typical orchestra) and the Bertero – Pereiro duet (Violin and Piano), performing in Argentina and abroad.

-He is also coordinator and professor in the “Carrera de Tango y Folclore” at the “Conservatorio Falla” in Buenos Aires.

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